Adrian Banner

    Dr. Banner was named chief executive officer of Intech in November 2012 and concurrently is the firm’s chief investment officer, a position he has held since January 2012.

    Since joining Intech, Dr. Banner has been an integral part of the firm’s Princeton-based Research Team. In 2009, he was named the firm’s co-chief investment officer. Dr. Banner has extensive knowledge of the firm’s trading systems, optimization programs and research initiatives, both on an operational and theoretical basis, and has held various roles as part of the Princeton Research Team prior to being named CIO and, subsequently, CEO.

    Dr. Banner has lectured on the stability of market capitalization and low-volatility equity portfolios at a number of academic and professional conferences and has authored several scholarly papers on Stochastic Portfolio Theory. His book, titled The Calculus Lifesaver, has been praised for being “one of the clearest mathematics texts” and “an indispensable volume for any student seeking to master calculus.”