Take Inspiration from the Founder of Mother’s Day to WOW Your Clients

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This Mother’s Day, avoid the usual traditions and be inspired by the holiday’s founder to WOW your clients.

The first Mother’s Day held none of the trappings or traditions most of us associate with the holiday. No breakfasts in bed, champagne brunches or picnics in the park. No gifts of jewelry, clothing or visits to the spa… and certainly no greeting cards.

The holiday originated in 1908 as a simple memorial Anna Jarvis of Grafton, West Virginia, held for her mother. While Ms. Jarvis was instrumental in Mother’s Day eventually being designated as a national holiday in 1914, she was vehemently opposed to its subsequent commercialization.

Jarvis felt the commercialization of the holiday misconstrued its original intent: to honor one’s mother in a personal and heartfelt way. She would likely be horrified to learn that Mother’s Day has become one of the most profitable U.S. holidays, with spending topping $23 billion in 2018, according to the National Retail Federation.

It’s easy to understand why greeting cards and bouquets have become go-to Mother’s Day gifts for most of us. We’re all increasingly pressed for time, and picking up some flowers and a card requires very little effort or imagination. But while most moms would never complain, surely anyone would appreciate a handwritten letter or personalized – not necessarily expensive – gift, or even just a thoughtful gesture.

Going beyond the easy and expected action is a core tenet of Knowledge Labs™ The Art of WOW program, and a proven way to create truly memorable impressions with your clients and prospects. It helps you consistently create “WOW” moments across your practice by gathering critical personal details – preferences, passions and unique dispositions – about your best clients.

As May 12th approaches and you consider ways to commemorate the holiday for all the moms, soon-to-be moms, grandmothers, foster mothers and other loving guardians among your client base, think about taking inspiration from Ms. Jarvis’ original vision for Mother’s Day. Instead of the usual greeting card, opt for the thoughtful gift or gesture that shows you know your client as a person and took the time to honor her in a unique way. A large part of this includes understanding how your female clients feel valued or appreciated. We call this emotional dynamics and can help you deliver WOW in a way that truly resonates.

Create a memorable experience by connecting with their individuality. As you think about the mother in your life that you’re looking to WOW, ask yourself: “Is she continually reminding me of things she’s doing – accomplishments she’s achieved?” And, “What does she request of me?” The answer to these questions lies at the heart of their interpersonal (emotional) dynamic.

Source hundreds of personalized gift ideas using the

Four Ways to WOW Those You Care About:

  1. Tokens

    Some people are looking for tokens or gifts. People who show the most thanks when you give them something tangible are really telling you they want more of the same.

  2. Acknowledgement

    Other people couldn’t care less about tangibles but are looking for your acknowledgement or praise. These are the people who are always telling you about their accomplishments.

  3. Service

    Another group of people are happier with acts of service. This could include dropping off paperwork at their home or office, for example, and means more to them than praise or a gift.

  4. Time

    Finally, others just appreciate the time you spend with them. These are the people who will tell you how nice dinner or golf was the last time and are wondering when they can do it again with you.

Understanding the emotional dynamic of those you’re looking to WOW is one facet of the Art of WOW’s systematic approach that will help you deliver that personalized touch to those who aren’t expecting it, but will never forget – on Mother’s Day and all year long.

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