Showing Gratitude on Mother’s Day: To Be Thoughtful, Be Personal

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“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” – Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln had loving bonds with both his mother, who passed away suddenly when he was 9, and his stepmother. He credits both women for molding and nurturing him in childhood, and setting him on the path to the White House. Before he left Illinois for Washington for his 1861 inauguration, he took the time from his busy schedule to visit with his stepmother for what was to be the last time, to say goodbye and leave a farewell gift.

Certainly, successful advisors live a busy day-to-day schedule. Meetings, phone calls, client appointments, keeping up with the financial markets, managing your business, and suddenly, it’s Mother’s Day. The quick reaction is to send a card and some flowers, maybe even a box of chocolates to dear Mom, and perhaps also to some top clients who “qualify” for the occasion.

You’ve heard the expression “haste makes waste.” In this instance, haste makes for lost opportunity, as Mother’s Day can also provide a golden opportunity to show personalized gratitude to your top clients, as well as friends and family.

Developing a systematic approach to gratitude is just one element of Knowledge LabsTM The Art of WOW’s Gratitude Gains program. It supports a state of readiness – gathering all the information you can about your best clients, and being ready to leverage that information to create personalized expressions of gratitude – which ultimately leads to stronger relationships

As applied to the observance of Mother’s Day, the term “motherhood” can include an array of individual circumstances and perspectives. Why not broaden the scope of who we think of in association with motherhood, and how they may truly appreciate your thoughtfulness to include them in the celebration:

  • New moms or soon-to-be mothers
  • A mother whose children who have recently left the nest
  • Stepmothers and grandmothers
  • Foster mothers and other loving guardians
  • New mothers of adopted children
  • Clients who recently lost a mother
  • Pet mothers! Some people really value their bond with furry friends
  • Women who are very involved in their families and communities, expressing a non-traditional form of “motherhood” to those they care about

Even Abraham Lincoln placed great value in, and took time and consideration to honor, motherhood. How about you?

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