Are You Ready To WOW Your Clients This Valentine’s Day?

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This Valentine’s Day, share your appreciation for clients and their families with these thoughtful yet simple WOW gestures.

Holidays present a unique opportunity to share your appreciation for your clients with thoughtful gestures that make a memorable impact. Although Valentine’s Day is known as an occasion to share sentiments of affection, it is also a chance for advisors to demonstrate their gratitude to clients and their families.

At Knowledge Labs, we believe that thoughtful, considered gestures of gratitude – big and small – will lead to a stronger, more meaningful connection between advisor and client. Whether you are already prepared for Valentine’s Day or are searching for ideas to make the day special, consider these purposeful ways to WOW your clients and celebrate what they mean to you.

Show Your Clients You Care

One advisor we work with knew that several of her top clients were fans of the same local basketball team, so she decided to send a special invitation to her clients asking them to join her the weekend before Valentine’s Day for an NBA game. She encouraged clients to invite their spouses, children and close friends for the occasion, reserved a room at a local restaurant and ordered a variety of Valentine’s Day treats for guests to share. Her clients and their guests were delighted at the opportunity to attend a special event and enjoyed the experience of watching their favorite basketball team with loved ones. And it provided a powerful source of referrals as she met friends who were not yet clients.

Tip: Make sure to have plenty of business cards on hand or a tablet where you can capture contact information. You can also spur a follow-up conversation by offering them literature on a key personal finance topic.

Whether you’re planning a large event for your clients or making small gestures of appreciation, a systematic expression of gratitude correlates with financial and personal advantages that will help you cultivate and retain important client relationships. Remember that the best way to deliver WOW experiences is through thoughtfully considered actions tailored to each client. Take a look at our Art of WOW program to learn the personality of your client and how to speak their language of WOW.

Thoughtful WOWs Sure To Bring A Smile:

  • Deliver chocolate-covered strawberries, brownies or flowers to a client’s office for staff to enjoy. Bonus: Clients will be able to take home extra treats to share with loved ones.
  • Mail a special handwritten Valentine greeting to a client who may have lost someone close in the past year, remembering them on this day.
  • Ask your clients if they have any plans for Valentine’s Day. If they’re headed to a nice dinner, call the restaurant ahead of time and order them dessert.
  • Send an eGift Card to your clients to encourage them to treat themselves to a new book or a cup of coffee.

Visit, our proprietary tool to help you source hundreds of personalized gift ideas for clients categorized by occasions, interests and price range.

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