Inspire Gratitude by Becoming a Part of Clients’ Holiday Traditions

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner. As your clients prepare to celebrate the season, Dr. John L. Evans, Jr. shares WOW ideas perfect for the holidays.

What are you especially grateful for this holiday season? Your top clients will soon be gathering together with friends and family to give thanks for the important people in their lives, which means now is the time to secure your spot on that list. At Knowledge LabsTM, we believe in the power of gratitude to strike business advantages by capturing and retaining client relationships. The holidays are all about warmth, caring and making memories. We’re here to help you become part of your clients’ annual traditions.

I coach an advisor who practices in a warm climate where snowy winters don’t exist – he hasn’t seen a single flake since he started his business. Recalling the frosty holidays of his own childhood, he decided to recreate the magic of those experiences for his clients and their families to help them get into the spirit. He rented a snow machine, filled his office with evergreens, cued up a fireplace screensaver and invited adults and kids alike to celebrate the season with warm drinks, cookie decorating and crafts. The party was a huge success and has become an event his clients start asking about every year as fall approaches.

A winter wonderland was a home run for this particular advisor because it was thoughtful and unique. As you contemplate your own spin on holiday cheer, our Art of WOW tool can help inspire you. Remember, yours won’t be the only token of gratitude your clients receive, so put some thought into the message you want to send.

If you share a close, personal relationship with a client, it will be a cinch to think of ideas sure to elicit a smile. For those that are less well-known yet equally valued, the holidays may be a time when your hard work during the other 10 months of the year pays off. Look back and see which communications, meetings and WOW moments triggered a phone call or a thank you card, and go from there.

Here are some tips for sharing a meaningful holiday celebration with your clients:

  • Wrap up personalized tokens such as custom Monopoly-style games based on cities, colleges, food or activities.
  • Be part of your clients’ holiday tables by putting together elegant Thanksgiving centerpieces, or surprise them with a curated selection of festive treats.
  • Nothing says autumn like a pumpkin picking expedition or hayride, complete with hot cider. This would be an especially memorable outing for families living in urban areas.
  • Is there a cause or nonprofit whose mission resonates with your clients? Consider a charitable donation in their name. Hint: Giving Tuesday is on November 27 this year.

WOW Tip: Unusual, thoughtful acts of service like these go a long way toward differentiating your practice. What’s more, never forget the power of the handwritten note.

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