A Four-Step Recipe for New Clients this Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Typically, this day is about sharing sentiments of love and appreciation with family, friends and significant others, but have you considered it’s also a great opportunity for client acquisition? At Knowledge LabsTM, we believe that creatively showing your current clients gratitude can lead to a chance to build your practice.

One advisor we work with exemplified the power of expressing gratitude by inviting her high-net-worth clients to celebrate a few days before the holiday with a family-style dinner at a local favorite restaurant. The advisor asked each client to bring along a special guest.

Both her clients and their invitees were greeted with a recipe book about the meal they were about to enjoy, with the advisor’s contact information at the back. Clients spent the afternoon eating delicious food while getting to know new neighbors and friends. The advisor not only enriched her relationships with current clients, she also received numerous inquiries for information and follow-up from her clients’ guests. The group dinner was both a very successful high-touch client experience and a fruitful acquisition win.

How can you differentiate your practice through a client event this Valentine’s Day?

  1. Have you established which types of clients bring out the best in you and what attributes make your practice unique? Learn more about establishing your Unique Business Tranche through our FireStarters program.
  2. Based on the clients you’ve selected, determine a suitable theme for your Valentine’s Day event. Are you a former minor-league baseball player? Plan a day at the batting cages. A wine connoisseur? Plan a wine tasting. A cinephile? Host a special movie screening for clients and their families with trivia and snacks.
  3. Make arrangements with your chosen venue, ensuring that clients with travel difficulties or disabilities are not limited from joining.
  4. Invite your clients to the event and encourage them to bring a friend, and let the mingling begin. Make sure to have plenty of business cards on hand or a tablet where you can capture contact information.

Finally, enjoy a memorable event with your clients and prospects, and what could be the start of a new Valentine’s Day tradition.
Need more ideas for expressing gratitude?
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